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Asst Business Development Manager

Posted Friday, Mar 22, 2024

5,000 to 10,000


A Business Development Manager is responsible for identifying new business opportunities, building and maintaining relationships with clients and partners, developing growth strategies, and driving revenue through sales initiatives.

Skills And Expertice

Strong interpersonal skills.

Strategic thinking

Sales acumen

Problem-solving skills

Project management abilities

Asst Partnership Manager

Posted Friday, Mar 22, 2024

5000 to 10,000


Asst Partnership Manager facilitates communication between partners, coordinates joint initiatives, and monitors partnership performance. Additionally, they may analyze market trends, assess partnership impact, and provide recommendations for enhancing relationships. Strong interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and project management abilities are essential for success in this role.

Skills And Expertice

Negotiation and conflict resolution abilities

Strong communication and interpersonal skills for relationship-building.

Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Project management and organizational skills.

Collaboration and teamwork capabilities.

Networking skills to identify and engage with potential partners.

Sports Marketing Intern

Posted Sunday, Mar 3, 2024



We're looking for a dynamic Sports Sales Marketing Intern to join us. Gain hands-on experience in sports marketing and sales, assisting with strategies and client relationships.

Skills And Expertice

Sports Management

Sports Marketing

Microsoft Office